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  • Cog
    360°-cut cogs(barbs)
    Optimally designed cogs(barbs)
    Strong lifting power
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  • Molding-Cog
    3rd Generation Molding Cog
    Non-heat treatment in process
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  • Duo Ten
    Totally 20 threads
    Filling hollow region
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  • Volume
    Braided Mesh-type
    Filling wrinkles
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  • i-Filler
    Blunt cannula & twister thread
    Minimize bruises & swelling
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  • Hiko
    Special press method
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  • New-Misko
    Convenient special injector
    Strong support force
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  • Mono & Screw
    Elaborate sharp needle
    Convenient extension
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  • U-Cog
    Blunt Double-Arm needle
    Wide area lifting
    Body lifting
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  • Double Cog
    Double lifting effects with long thread
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  • V-Roll
    Cavern Screw
    Maximizing volume and tightening effects
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